7 Must Have Amenities Which Make CS Realty The Best Choice

7 Must Have Amenities Which Make CS Realty The Best Choice

A home extends beyond the confines of bricks and mortar. A home is your comfort zone and a blanket of security which weaves itself around you and protects you from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Your home is the calm away from the chaos. Your home is a world in itself, a world where you can find peace and comfort, a world where you can de-stress and let down your guard, a world unparalleled. CS Realty, aims to provide you with an otherworldly experience that will leave you ecstatic and mesmerized. They identify your needs and build them into a modern dream house with A grade amenities and facilities that remain unmatched. So, what are the amenities and features that CS Realty offers in their modern real estate projects and what makes them the best in the market?

Amenities And Features –

Reliable Fire Fighters And Highly Evolved Security System – In the modern times when trust doesn’t prevail in the society and we are constantly judging and questioning the credibility of how safe our resident is under the watchful eyes of our security guard,the apartments by CS Realty offer you security against any disaster, be it smoke detectors and fire fighting equipments to prevent any unwanted fire or the provision of top notch digital locks that can be controlled via your smartphone and alarms to alert you in case of any attempts to trespass or breach in the security of your apartment. The perimeter of the building is also under continuous CCTV surveillance to help you get a good night’s sleep without worrying about an unwanted break in. Lock and keys are no more the safest route to protect your apartment from the dangers of the outer world, therefore CS Realty takes your security in their hands and provides you with stellar security.

Recreation – CS Realty Residencies come with a terrace garden which can be used for multipurpose activities like yoga,workout,gardening or anything that you please. Imagine waking up to a marvellous view from your terrace garden, while sipping on tea and feeling rejuvenated to tackle the long day ahead. The residencies by CS Realty are situated in a prime location which makes it extremely easy for you to access the various malls, shopping hubs, cafes etc. to keep you entertained.

Home Automation – In the modern world where technology and science have evolved to create marvellous things, convenience and easy accessibility have become a necessity in our daily lives. The home automation allows you to do all your house chores from the lap of comfort, without even having to get up. Home Automation technology allows you to connect your appliances with the four frames of your device like your smartphone via the wifi and control them. You can control your home’s lighting, entertainment systems, temperature and other appliances as well.

Benefits For Senior Citizens – Since CS Realty uses elevators manufactured by KONE, an internationally recognized company and a global leader in this field, it provides you with the best technology, which makes it extremely comfortable and easy for senior citizens and others with disabilities to move around. It makes the ride in the elevator super smooth, non bumpy, secure and gives the building a touch of class with its sleek and stylish design.

24/7 Sustainable Renewable Energy and Water Supply- In a world that is already suffering from several health crises, another major issue is climate change. Therefore, it is extremely important to be responsible individuals and choose residents which are eco friendly and use natural resources efficiently to provide you with sustainable renewable energy every hour. CS Realty uses Solar enabled rooftops to provide you with 24/7 sustainable renewable energy, while effectively using resources already available in nature. As an added benefit, you will have running water available 24/7, which is a necessity in our everyday lives since we use water for various purposes.

Vastu Compliance – Vastu compliance is not only recommended for a higher living standard but is also believed to attract prosperity and blessings. A vastu compliant building is supposed to have the main door facing the north, east or the north-east. CS Realty brings you Vastu Compliant based buildings and apartments, which will not only bring in positivity but also balance your home with the right kind of energy.

Reserved Car Parking – What a nuisance it must be to find a parking space for your car in a building and parking it kms away from your residence. CS Realty provides you with a reserved car parking space that comes along with the apartments, to make your day struggle free.

A home should radiate an aura of positivity and warmth. Therefore, while choosing the perfect residential apartment for themselves and their families, people only want to surround themselves with the best of the best. After a long tiring day, people just want to crawl back to their safety net for comfort and relaxation, an enclosure they can call home.

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