Impact of COVID-19 on Real estate

Impact of COVID-19 on Real estate

The deadly outbreak that put the entire world on hold, has now begun to take a toll on every business possible, let alone real estate. From the construction coming down to a standstill to the canceled site visits, COVID-19 is making a huge impact on the real estate business. Some of the factors that cannot be overlooked are:

• Since the trade and imports have been pushed to a halt, the price of steel, which is considered to be the main material in the process of construction has taken a big hit. Due to the stoppage in the supply of steel, constructions will have to go through serious repercussions.
• Due to the whole nation under lockdown, it is quite unfeasible for new projects to be launched and the projects that are under construction to remain ongoing.
• The pandemic is bound to sway the home sales, due to such wavering situations it might be very difficult for people to make such considerable investment.

However, amid all these negative accounts one should not neglect some of the positive aspects as well. Let’s have a look at them

• If you had the homes like the ones CS Realty aspires to deliver then you would be quite happy while quarantining.
• Among other projects, Serene Avenue by CS Realty also comes under smart homes and is ready to move in.
• It is a modern home that features home automation. Most of the things can be controlled via a mobile phone, making everything more feasible and convenient. The homes are available at a reasonable price.

The most practical benefits of these homes in such time of hardship are mentioned below

1. Terrace Garden: With the lockdown getting on everybody’s nerves, the terrace garden seems to be boon in such a crucial time of the pandemic.

• For people who are habitual of going to the gym, yoga classes can make use of their terrace gardens for such exercises, meditation or even refreshing walks
• It is the right time to invest in your hobbies and make some time for plantation and gardening, sit at your 3bhk apartments in chattarpur and enjoy your terrace garden plantation.
• Who could have thought that having anything from outside could put your life at risk? but since it has become the case now, with a terrace garden you can easily have fresh vegetables and fruits.

2. Solar enabled rooftops: Since staying inside has become a necessity, people can not help using more and more electricity.

The usage of electricity in such a vast amount can lead to higher cut-offs and increased electricity bills. For such times, solar panels seem to be effective and efficient.

• Solar panels are eco-friendly and do not affect the environment in any sort of negative way. As it runs on natural energy, it reduces the emission of carbon dioxide by 100 tons within 30 years.
• Solar panels are prominent for being energy efficient, as a solar panel makes electricity on its own, it reduces the electricity bill by a huge amount, making it cost-effective.
• With Solar Power, the unused electricity is easily saved on the panels and can be reused later. Due to this, less and less wastage of electricity is observed.

3. Keyless Entry: Since it has become vital to not touch anything that could possibly be containing germs and bacterias unless it’s very necessary, Keyless entry seems to be an optimal feature of smart homes.

• You can easily open the door without even touching it with your mobile phones, making it safer in such a time of the pandemic.
• While placing an order from outside, with the keyless entry you will not have to come in contact with the delivery executive.
• As keyless entries come without keys, then nobody has to touch the keys which can act as a carrier of the virus.

In this time of distress, people are stuck in their homes so that they can slow the spread of the coronavirus. While everyone is at home, it is easy to get sad and think about all the negativity around you, but if one lives in a good smart house like the 3bhk flat in Chattarpur provided by CS Realty, they can make use of all the amenities provided by them and enjoy their time in quarantine. As everyone is sitting in their homes, many people might realize the things they want to change about their houses, or some people might realize that it’s time to upgrade to a better house. This realization is going to help the real estate market and just maybe people choose to upgrade their homes after this pandemic ends.

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