What is Lal Dora Land?

What is Lal Dora Land?

“Lal Dora” villages are a quintessential part of Delhi’s scenery. Huge developments have taken place in “Lal Dora” villages in modern times. These developments have produced a huge demand for Home Loans and Loans against Lal Dora Property in the area. However, there is a lack of understanding among the common people concerning “Lal Dora” Land.

Therefore, we, CS Realty are here with answers to a few common queries.

1. What is “Lal Dora”?

The phrase “Lal Dora” was first used in the year 1908. In earlier days, it was a part of the village called “Abadi” (Habitation) was named “Lal Dora”. “Lal Dora” land is only for non-agricultural purposes. It is that part of the village which was a continuation of village Abadi, wherein the villagers had their support arrangements, cattle, etc. In earlier days, Red Thread (Lal Dora-Hindi) was used by the revenue department to separate it from the agricultural land.

2. How many villages combine to form the “Lal Dora” in Delhi?

There are 360 villages in Delhi, out of which 135 villages are listed as urban villages and the rest, 225 as rural villages. A famous example of “Lal Dora” villages in Delhi is Basant Gaon, Munirika, Khirki, Yusuf Sarai, Mahipalpur, Chatarpur, Lado Sarai, Mehrauli, Najafgarh, etc.

3. Do I have to pay house tax on my “Lal Dora” property?

Presently, there is no house tax up to 200 sq meters of plots.

4. What is the “Lal Dora” certificate?

The certificate establishes a person as the legal landlord of a property or land in the “Abadi” area of a village (i.e. space divided for habitation). The certificate is one of the most vital documents to receive water or power connections in a village.

5. Where can I get the “Lal Dora” certificate?

To get a “Lal Dora” certificate, you can visit the office of your nearest Sub-Divisional Magistrate.

6. What are the essential documents to get the “Lal Dora” certificate?

Documents needed to get the certificate are:
  1. Complete application form appropriately filled by the applicant
  2. A form containing details of the land, Khasra number, and landlord’s name.
  3. An affidavit declaring the details of the land, Khasra number of the land, the title of the landowner, and purpose of requesting a Lal Dora Certificate
  4. Aksh Sizra of the land.
  5. Xerox Copy of the Ration Card
  6. Xerox Copy of the Khatoni.
7. What are the other opportunities associated with Lal Dora land?

Low property rates: Compared to settled areas in Delhi, Lal Dora properties come at low rates, making them affordable homes in prime areas of the city. Sales for properties here usually occurred in cash; nevertheless, the fashion has been largely restricted post-Demonetisation in November of 2016. Stop thinking and to get a dream home of yours at Lal Dora, reach out to our team, at CS Realty right away.

Absence of severe norms

With exclusion from laws under the Delhi Municipal Act, there is no obligation to get the building plan approved for development.

  • Vital location

The properties happen to be in areas that have gained a reputation over the years. CS Realty can help you find a perfect location based on the lifestyle you need, so contact us today. The rank of being Lal Dora land has also tallied to the grace of these areas. Most of the areas on Lal Dora land are in the vicinity of business communities and subway stations.

  • Regulatory changes

Plots over 1,500 square feet area in the area have been taken under Delhi’s Master Plan for re-development as multi-story residences. The availability of high-rise buildings and basic facilities are going to make this place more charming for the tenants. Developers are registering into productive negotiations with landowners to develop multi-story structures.

In case you wish to know in detail about a piece of land, reach out to us at +91-8448449131 or +91-9818313320, write to us info@csrealty.in, our team is happy to help you.

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