Why Sector 67 Gurgaon Is The Next Most Prominent Location For Real Estate Buyers?

When we speak of home buyers or residential Real Estate Investors other than residential properties, both have one thing absolutely in common. Which is their search for a premium location and locality. Amenities and luxury are other things a home buyer will be attracted towards home, but the location is what attracts both ends to end-users and real estate investors. This is why a good builder will always preferably and strategically invest their time money in creating a home project in one of the fine locations.

What makes a location worth buying property in?

Speaking of prominent locations as a commonly used word in Real estate, a prominent location is what an investor will logically prefer to invest in. because oftentimes, if you buy a property in a hideous location you will end up putting your money in the trash, it will perhaps not attract a lot of tenants, and will not give appreciation as such. This is why a prominent location is always preferred by investors, especially, home buyers as they not only have bought it but have to live there themselves.

Certain aspects that are considered to label a location prominent is, its locality, for home buyers what’s with their neighbors, what are other residential real estate projects nearby, and home many habitats a certain area has, how much occupancy has already been occupied by families living there. Other than habitat, the availability of necessities, comfort, and luxuries, such as grocery shops and other necessary commercial stores, hospitals, schools, and colleges for families, for their comfort and luxury the malls and supermarkets, the leisure places available, restaurants and cafe’s opened.

For investors, usually, the habitat is one thing to attract the tenants, and the connectivity of the location for the people working or daily commuters, for business reasons, the commercial sector availability, the value and future appreciation prediction of the properties located on the same place.

Sector 67a Golf course extension road

Golf course extension road has been one of the widely searched residential places of Gurgaon, by investors throughout the country preferring to live luxury residential apartments in Gurgaon. Sector 67 specifically has been located on golf course extension road Gurgaon, which offers great connectivity to Golf course road and Sohna road. And the commercial aspect to be looked at can be observed that all that major commercial hubs such as IT Park, Business centers is proximately 3 to 7 km including projects of AIPL, WorldMark, M3M, and Cyber City which are easily reachable in 20 to 25 minutes of drive.

The availability of commercial is top-notch and the area, Ansal Escencia sector 67 is the highest inhabited area, with an occupancy of independent builder floors, Ansal floors 4s developers Aradhya homes, where families have been residing in higher stats compared to other residential projects. The locality itself is having luxury high rise and low rise apartments by esteemed builders such as M3M, and IREO.

The real estate professionals have themselves observed a higher demand in the price and the search of golf course extension road and sector 67a compared to most of the locations in Gurgaon, Gurgaon is known for its high rise and low rise luxury apartments, yet, investors, end to end-users, and homebuyers themselves have shown the most studied interest in sector 67 also due to the availability of several schools, hospitals, clinics, and retail complexes developed in the areas of sector 47, 48, 49, 50, etc. whereas the connectivity towards the metro line is the rapid metro sector 55/56 which is 10 minutes away from the location. Sector 67 comes almost adjacent to Sohna road and connects golf course extension road, golf course road, and mg road.

Apparently, which is what makes sector 67 Gurgaon, one of the prominent locations to buy or invest a home in. with the above-stated reason, a potential Investor will himself grasp the forecast of the future appreciation on the properties invested in sector 67, and also the rental yields that perhaps generate the cash flow slight more than other properties in Gurgaon.