Welcome to the future of comfort: Smart Homes

Welcome to the future of comfort: Smart Homes

Remember the days when you had to get up off the couch to adjust the thermostat? Remember how the future was always around the corner?

Mayabe you do remember! But those days are gone far behind, the technology has updated itself and one thing is for sure that your children won't be able to flip the switch or your grandchilder might ask " You had to flip the switch with your finger to turn off the light?"

you might be wondering how? With home automation.

Home Automation: How Did We Get Here?

There are a couple of key things to understand before heading down the road of home automation.

First, you may have heard of something called the Internet of Things or IoT. By definition, it refers to the connection made, via the internet, by everyday devices or household items, such as






Medical Devices

Enabling these items to collect and exchange data with other devices creates this interconnected network of things. When you put these items together under one roof, you create an ecosystem capable of handling everyday functions our tired little hands used to fumble with. You create home automation. By 2025, the IoT may encompass over 75 billion connected devices. Those are big numbers, but for most people, the concern is only the number of devices under their own roof.

The Technology Behind Smart Homes: You may hear the term ‘smart home’ and picture something out of a sci-fi movie, way out of your price range. As we will explore a bit later, home automation comes in many forms. Any system that can operate over a network can be referred to as a smart home device or system. A lot of options exist within a house that are prime automation candidates, such as lights, and security.Understanding the technology behind the smart homes is helpful.

Internet and Technology is playing a very big part in real estate indusrty as well. And, keeping the same thing in mind CS Realty is offering Smart and luxurious 3 BHK Aravalli Koral Homes 2 in Mandi. Which have home automation,digital lock, video door phone. This is a perfect example of ease and security of the homeowners.

For more details: csrealty.in
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