Mandi Metro Station- Gurugram Faridabad Expressway Gets Approved

Mandi Metro Station- Gurugram Faridabad Expressway Gets Approved

There have been talks of a metro link between Faridabad and Gurugram for a long period of time now. At last, the talks have been put aside and some foundation to the groundwork has been laid. The detailed project report (DPR) is now ready and on receiving the final approval by the state government, the proposed plan will transform the way of travel between the two largest commercial hubs of Haryana. A field survey was conducted on Wednesday by a joint team of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) Haryana Mass Rapid Transport Corporation (HMRTC) and HSVP officials as per the Times of India.

The proposed Gurugram-Faridabad metro link is all set to make travel between Gurugram and Faridabad hassle-free and convenient without taking up too much time. For a long time, people have struggled to travel between Faridabad and Gurugram as there was no consistent direct mode of travel between the two cities. But with the proposed metro link, a change in the positive direction can be seen in the horizon with the beginning of something new and useful.

The proposed route will be approximately 32 km long, starting from Vatika Chowk in Gurugram and ending at Bata Chowk in Faridabad. With this being confirmed, people living in the neighboring areas can now breathe a sigh of relief as the proposed plan is set to make travel convenient and affordable, especially for the working class.

The entire 32 km long route will only have 8 stations from the start point to the endpoint with one interchange station in Faridabad. With the introduction of the interchange station in the proposed plan, the passengers will be able to change route without having to leave the station which will be a huge advantage, especially during the rush hours. Moreover, passengers may even be allowed to change route without having to pay an extra fare.

According to the proposed plan of Gurugram-Faridabad Metro Link, eight stations will be divided such that five out of the eight stations will lie in Faridabad and the remaining three will lie in Gurugram. Moreover, six out of the eight stations will be elevated and the remaining two will be underground metro stations.

Aravalli Golf Course, Badkhal Enclave, Pali Stone Crusher Zone, Police Chowki Manger, and the interchange station, Bata Chowk will be the stations in Faridabad with Aravali Golf Course and Badkhal Enclave being the underground stations and the rest elevated.

Mandi Village, Sector 56, and Vatika Chowk will be the stations in Gurugram.

One of the biggest upsides of the proposed plan is that it will reduce traffic greatly as, presently, people who go to work to any of the two cities prefer to go in their own vehicle as there is no direct and convenient mode of transportation other than that. With the proposed plan, people will now have ease of transport and will prefer to travel by metro rather than their personal vehicle which, in turn, will reduce vehicular traffic to a great extent.

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