A smart 3BHK property which can be a good option for Gurugram/ Faridabad daily commuters.

A smart 3BHK property which can be a good option for Gurugram/ Faridabad daily commuters.

While purchasing a new property you have to keep a lot of things in mind. Especially, your work place because after a hectic day at work you want to reach your home as soon as possible. That’s why most people go for the property which is near to their workplace.

And, if you are a daily commuter who is either working in Gurugram or Faridabad then Aravalli Koral Homes 2, Mandi will be the best option for you. This property is located in Mandi, which is the southern part of Chattarpur/Chhattarpur and it is just 4-5 Km away from Gurugram and 10 km away from Faridabad. This is a registered property with loan facility available for you.

This property comes with loads of modern and smart features like Home Automation, Solar Panel on Grid, 4 Layer security, Digital Lock, Video Door phone along with a modular kitchen and Terrace Garden with Open Gym. CS Realty is offering these features which you might rarely see in any builder floor category. Along with the features there is ASF Insignia which is a IT Hub which have brands like Mercer, Tata Consultancy Services, Ericson and many more which are just 400 Meters away from the location and Delhi/Haryana Metro has decided to give Mandi their own Metro station which again is hardly a km away from the location.

If you have a Budget of 50-60 Lakhs and you want to buy a home for yourself you can go for Aravalli Koral Homes 2 which will be a suitable location for you if you are a daily commuter to Gurugram and Faridabad.

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