2 & 3 BHK Flats Near Proposed Metro Station at Mandi, Chattarpur

2 & 3 BHK Flats Near Proposed Metro Station at Mandi, Chattarpur

Unquestionably, the Delhi Metro Network, which has served the city for over 17 years now has changed the face of the real estate situation in the National Capital of India. DMRC’ is credited as being the most convenient method of getting from one end to the other end of the vast city and is estimated to carry more than around 24 lakh commuters on an everyday basis. It connects various localities of New Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon. Currently, there’s a great buzz about a proposed upcoming metro station connecting Gurugram to Faridabad via Mandi , which is located just a minute away from many of CS Realty’s jewel properties.

CS Realty is a trusted real estate development firm dealing exclusively in sustainable and luxurious properties established in Mandi, Chattarpur (Delhi) & Sector 56, Sector 67 (Gurugram). All our suburban properties are furnished with top of the line amenities and facilities such as Exclusive terrace garden, home automation, digital locks, solar panels, smoke-detectors and fire-fighting system on every floor and branded Schindler elevators. Our residential addresses are easily accessible, well connected to Sultanpur – Mandi road and Faridabad – Gurugram expressway, also positioned in a good and gated locality, as we believe that connectivity and safety should go hand in hand.

The arrival of any transportation infrastructure propels the price of the properties in its proximity, and the Delhi Metro is the quintessential example of this. Besides from providing convenience and ease of connectivity to commuters, the proposed metro station at Mandi will also have a huge bearing on prices of the real estate properties in the vicinity.
The potential of the proposed metro station at Mandi skyrocketing and boosting the real estate values is immense. The impact of a Metro station on the real estate along its corridor is immediate and forceful. That’s a given as residential real estate areas benefit on account of improved accessibility as well the lessened travel expenses, which attracts home buyers to those localities close to the Metro. Moreover, the commercial properties also see an upsurge which results in employment generation in the area, which in turn results in greater demand for living spaces. In other words, improved transit ease draws up more employment possibilities, which in turn leads to amplification of demand for homes in the area.

This is backed by science, the relationship connecting ease of accessibility and land value is in the very spirit of urban economic theory. The theory foretells that cost of land is significantly determined by the connection between accessibility and transport cost. Infrastructure development also plays an influential role in the acceleration of land values. Accessibility improvement, in the form of public transportation, is found to have played a particularly substantial role in boosting the value of the land.

Nirman Vihar, Delhi a prominent residential area was one the real estate locations which benefitted on account of a metro addition to the area. The metro was introduced to the area on 27 th January of 2010 and price of the properties in that area arose from approx. Rs 4000 / sq. ft. in 2010 to Rs 7200 / sq. ft. in the middle of the year 2011 and kept on appreciating to reach Rs 8100 / sq. ft. in 2012. As you can see in less than just two years the price of the property in Nirman Vihar, Delhi doubled. Though a number of other factors can also be attributed to the price escalation, the impact of the metro line cannot be ignored.

Those pieces of land nearest to the stations fare higher in terms of value appreciation, especially ones within walking distance. In fact, the land within walking distance but not directly next to the station is valued higher.

CS Realty projects like Aravalli Koral Homes are located just 1 minute away from the proposed metro station at Mandi, at a distance, you can simply walk to. Don’t regret later and make a good decision now by buying a prime piece of property, tailor-made by the best real estate developers in Mandi, Chattarpur. In terms of location, you just can’t do better than this at such an affordable price range.

Invest in your future. Invest now. Live smarter and sustainable in our smart living options. Our 2 & 3bhk flats in Mandi have registry & home loan with reasonably priced and the best part is we don’t charge brokerage or any extra charges such as EDC, IDC, PLC and IFMS. For the best, most affordable, Vastu compliant but contemporary home address in Delhi, get in touch with us today. For more information, visit our website.

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