The Idea of Builder Floors

The Idea of Builder Floors

If you have been searching for an alternative and unique living space that grants more extravagance, luxury, privacy, and independence, then, this new apartment type might simply be what you have been anticipating.

With more Indians going up to higher income groups and as home loans grow more readily available, a new and flourishing business for lifestyle and lavish homes has risen.

The common choice for a metropolitan life suggested purchasing apartments either in a skyscraper or multi-storied buildings, if you want to live extravagantly, then having a bungalow or villa was the only choice open.

Builder floors are a new apartment type that gives a middle path merging the perks of both conventional apartments and villas. The idea is arising to fame as real-estate builders recognize that the market for comfortable living spaces is growing increasingly prevalent amongst upwardly mobile Indians.

What is a builder floor?

A typical builder floor building is a three to a four-storied building where every family owns a floor. Many project comes with single house unit per floor, the family living there can have the entire floor to themselves.

Here are some of the lifestyle perks of having a builder floor apartment, brought to you by CS Realty:

The perks of builder floor apartments

    • A builder floor caters for absolute solitude to the homeowner or the tenant. In most cases, the construction quality surpasses those of large towns. With fewer people existing, you have the privilege of calm and tranquil surroundings to enjoy a separate and comfortable lifestyle.

    • As these low-rises are built-in clumps, they form a portion of a better neighborhood living environment. This aids personal exchange among residents in the neighborhood. Builder floors also offer more green areas as argued to common towns and buildings.

    • Like high-rise apartments, low-rise builder floors also extend a 24/7 security system and CCTV monitoring. Since, it is also simpler to go/run downstairs, while catastrophes like tremors and fires, you can hastily move out of the building.

    • Builder floors are an excellent option when compared to villas, particularly with heightening prices, where it is not always feasible to purchase a capacious home. These apartments hence serve as an outstanding choice without having to pay bulky amounts.

    • Every floor has separate water and power connection, which gives solitude and helps in avoiding disputes typical in buildings whose floors are shared by various residences.

    • The sale value for builder floor apartments are considerably higher, and they get a huge sum as the whole floor is being marketed at the same time.

    • As these are lifestyle homes, builder floors are constructed with luxury in mind. They are better in terms of air-conditioning and light and tend to come with elegantly outlined windows.

    • The galleries are much more capacious, and the dressers and doorways are constructed with premium materials and have superior finishing. Electrical and plumbing fittings are also screened with high-quality materials not seen in regular apartments.

    • You do not have to spend on maintenance as is typical in regular apartments in multi-storied buildings. CS Realty can help you find a perfect home based on the lifestyle you need, so contact us today.

Normally builder floors come with freehold purchase. Also, like any other property sale, a builder floor must be enrolled with the registration agency. Be sure to check the regional laws to verify that the registration of builder floors in your area is allotted.

Sometimes dealers use a power of attorney to promote the sale of builder floors, and this way, the sale is made without registration of a sale agreement. Nevertheless, since a power of attorney does not assign ownership rights, properties sold through power of attorney are not acceptable for home loans from banks.


When you intend to buy a builder floor apartment, you need to walk with care.

The gateway to your dream house is one step away, and CS Realty’s team ensures that your smart home is perfect.

CS Realty promises you the homes that are generally fitting for the present tenacious lifestyle. Purchase our Ready to Move 2, 3, and 4 BHK Registry Endorsed builder floor in Chattarpur, Mandi, developed in a quintessential area, very much well-equipped with the top tier solaces containing sun based enabled roofs, Video-passage phones, Digital locks, CCTV Surveillance, Fire-engaging structure, interloper alerts, Branded lifts, parking structures and considerably more!

These Ready to Move Homes by CS Realty exemplify excess, comfort, and government help. Our simple to utilize property search stage makes it easy to find different properties as indicated by your necessities. You can pick your home from a vast extent of manufacturer floors, arranged to move-in flats,  and a lot of under-development flats.

If that wasn’t adequate, we at CS Realty deliver on flats with no additional commission or business charges. We moreover give apartments in Chattarpur, Mandi, with home loan credits and EMI offers . Doesn’t that sound astonishing!

The builder floors extend the perks of solitude, calm and comfortable community living. In case you wish to know in detail about a flat or property, reach out to us at +91-8448449131 or +91-9818313320, write to us, our team is happy to help you.

Do you have an encounter living in a builder floor apartment? Would you like to share any views with others? Let us know in the commentaries below.

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