Digital Locks: Are you still carrying the key with you?

Digital Locks: Are you still carrying the key with you?

Digital locks are electronic or battery-operated locks that do NOT require the use of physical keys for access. They’re used as an alternative to the conventional mechanical locks, with the automated features giving a more creative security solution depending on its intended use.

Like any other door lock, digital locks also use a latch or a bolt that can run across the door and the doorframe to prevent access. What differs is how the latch or bolt is controlled. Digital locks work by the use of any of the following: Pin codes, fingerprints, smartphones, and more.

The following are some of the general features that a digital lock can be defined as a smart lock:
  1. Several authentication methods or backup
  2. Multiple access solutions
  3. Alarm integration
  4. Tamper-proof integration
  5. Custom programming
  6. Customized LED signals
  7. Troubleshooting options
  8. Smartphone operated
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