Benefits of using the Solar Panel for residential property 2020

Benefits of using the Solar Panel for residential property 2020

Living in a smart home is the new preference of the people in Delhi – NCR. The technology shift has made a major transformation in people’s life. They have started exploring all the smart options and home technology. CS Realty understood this trend shift. While designing their residential builder floors, CS Realty also understood the need for environmental conservation. Hence, they decided to install solar panels in their property. Further, we will be talking about the benefits of using the solar panel for residential property.

Now, you must be wondering that why to use a solar panel for residential property? Here we are with the answers along with the key benefits of switching to the solar panel.

Before that, let’s understand the basics of solar energy. When we talk about switching to solar energy, the process is to optimize the sunrays, collect them through photo-electric panels or other collection techniques and then use this stored energy as electricity.

Today, it is no longer just a concept that scientists use to experiment or a demonstrative model. With the technology transformation as well as awareness among people, solar energy can now be stored and used in your home. Though there is an investment cost to this, today homeowners are switching to use this source of renewable energy. In return, they save on electricity bills as well as it is a reliable and clean energy source.

Today ‘switching to solar’ doesn’t mean you need to invest a huge amount to cover your rooftop with solar panels. – though you can if you’re really serious about renewable energy. People have the option to choose from the wide variety of stand-alone solar-powered devices which essentially serve practical purposes. It has more economic sense, in the long run, to switch to solar as it serves cost-free for the next twenty years or so.

Benefits Of Using Solar Panel Before checking the benefits of Solar Panel, let us see the factors affecting solar power.

Factors affecting Solar Power

Before you finalize your decision, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

1. How much are you paying as your electricity bill?
Since the cost of solar has dropped significantly in the past few years, a noticeable saving is possible with solar.

2. What direction does your roof face?The direction of your home determines the amount of sunlight it will receive in a day. If your home is closer to south, the panels mounted on a roof facing south, south-west or south-east will perform best.

3. What kind of roof you have? Though solar panels can be installed on every roofing material, some rooftops might need extra support to install PV panels like on a slate roof.

4. How is the climate in your area? Homes which receive more than average amount of sunshine annually and have a clear sky will generate more solar power.

5. How energy efficient is your home?

You need to understand your home’s electricity consumption pattern. You may examine your utility bills of past years to understand this. Once you have the idea, you could arrange a site visit. Post analysis the advisor could help you understand this.

6. What cost is right for you? The system supplier should be able to calculate on the basis of site survey and can give you a rough estimate of investment and savings.

While you get the answer to these questions, you should also understand the benefits of going solar:

1. Cut-down on electricity bills: Big savings!
2. It is a renewable energy source: A cleaner and greener substitute for fossil fuel
3. Environment-friendly: You will contribute to the green environment.
4. Low maintenance: Solar power system can last 20-30 years without major maintenance needed. All you need is a system check once a year.


There are lots of advantages to having solar panels for residential property. Not only does it cut down your electricity bill but also it is environment-friendly. It is just a one-time investment but it will benefit you in a very long time.

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